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Featured Artist Jama Stallings Currin

Jama Stallings Currin

The Many Awards of Jama Stallings Currin

Hi, my name is Jama Stallings Currin, I am a fiber artist. When I was about 10, my Grandmother gave me a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. I must admit it took several years to learn; being left-handed and teaching myself through books. I would get impatient and have to put it away. One day when I was about 14, I finally got the hang of it. From then on crochet has been my creative outlet.


I wanted to expand my knowledge…so fast forward to 2011. I joined a crochet/knitting class at a local community college. Being around so much creativity was so inspiring. I gained the confidence I was looking to pursue my passion.


Upon the encouragement of a friend, I entered the NC State Fair and much to my surprise won 1st Place! That was the start of my love of State Fair competition. Now I am the instructor for those same classes I once took, run Fruitful Concepts Studios, and try to encourage others to pursue their artistic passions. No matter what level you are at with your craft, there is always room to grow, learn, and improve.


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